All You Need To Know About Hair Add-ons

Back in the old days, chopping off your hair to the famous bowl cut or simply being pranked on by a sibling giving you an unwanted trim, are actions that have no going back at all. The only thing you could do is try to make it work by bringing the new bowl look back and flaunting it, or going for the hipster style with uneven locks! No matter what it might be, the only solutions are basically trying to rock the look, however today, you really wouldn’t have to hide away at home until the ugly bowl look grows out, instead you could use add-ons and hide the hideousness of the bowl cut or uneven locks. So here is what you need to know if you were going to do so.

Real or not

Today there are two kinds of add-ons, either they are real human hair or fake ones made usually in the form of synthetic wigs. However though, the difference amongst the two stands out in different wigs. While you could do also sorts of adjustments and changes to the human hair without having to worry too much about the potential damage and change it could undergo, the artificial kind however, would react to change in a much more negative way especially when it comes to undergoing heat. So if you want to like straighten your hair by ironing it with a hair iron, you could easily do so with the natural human hair add-ons, but with the artificial kind you might have to have second thoughts.

Which kind

There are so many different ways of fixing in the add-ons, while some are threaded in to your natural hair others are clip in hair extensions. So depending on the kind you feel comfortable with and affordable, choose those that makes your hair seem longer than how it might have been naturally. However, when deciding on the best way to add in these add-ons, it is best if you give priority to factors like your natural hair and its strength, your budget or cost you can afford to incur on it and your personal preference and such. Considering these factor shall help you make a much better choice, that you wouldn’t regret at the end of the day. It is important to note that going for natural human hair add-ons is much costlier than the artificial kinds, so depending on the event or occasion you are planning on wearing these to, choose wisely. It would be rather irrational to purchase costly human hair add-ons for only one night or event when you could have gone for the much cheaper option of the artificial kinds. So do consider the circumstances as well. Consider the above and make a rational choice on the kind of add-ons you want to be rocking!