Ways To Revamp Your Regular Clothes To Fit In The Maternity Season

The pregnancy period of nine months would make it difficult to fit in to your usual clothes, at least as your bump grows. However this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on your old clothes altogether. You could use a range of tips given here to revamp your old clothes to suit the current need. Here are a few such hacks you could use to reuse your old clothes during this time;

The belly band

This is a band that you could either purchase or even make. Use a super stretchy t-shirt and cut off its top off. Wear this underneath a simple t-shirt. This helps to cover up the skin that may peak from the underneath of the t-shirt. With the growing bump it is obviously difficult to button up those jeans so you could unbutton them or connect them with a hair tie and cover this with the band. The band also helps to hold your jeans and t-shirt together thus making it more than comfortable for you. This way instead of purchasing new maternity wear Australia you could make do with your old jeans and t-shirts!

A little long

The longer a top the better it covers the bump. Although the current trends certainly do encourage one to flaunt the bump, it would be better to keep things simple especially when you are out running errands. So be sure to go for something a little long. You could your old skirts in to flowy tube tops and style them with a cardigan or blazer, or you could also wear the skirt above your bump thus covering it and making more comfortable. There obviously is the opportunity to purchase maternity clothes online as well. So depending on your needs and budget to suit during this temporal period, you could choose from amongst the two.

Flowy tunic and belt

Have you got a ton of tunic tops stored at the back of the cupboard and never got the opportunity wear them. Then this is the perfect time to style around in them. Pick out a flowy tunic top and combine it with a belt to be worn over your bump. What makes this all the more perfect is that your comfort is ensured at the maximum level and it is also stylish! Read this article for more information about other stylish pregnancy clothes.

Transformed sweater

This another perfect revamping hack you could use. Instead of buying a new sweater that is double your usual size, get an old sweater and cut in the front to divide into two flaps creating an opening in the front. Stitch up the corners and add a button to the top of the sweater. And voila you have a whole new front open sweater styled exactly the way you want. You could choose a stylish button to be stitched to the top to give it a fancier look. Consider the above hacks and transform your old clothes to suit you even during this nine month period!