How To Get A Great Bridal Preparation Photo Shoot

The wedding album is probably one of the most vital parts of any wedding – and getting some excellent photographs from a good professional photographer is the key factor. Now, even the process of getting ready for the big day is considered as an important part of the wedding preparations – couples often decide to include this process in the photo shoot and video as well. Talk to the photographer or videographer and let them know what kind of shoot you want to have and what your preferences are.

Good Lighting Is Important

A well-lit area is one of the most important factors to getting good photographs preferably with natural lighting. If possible, select a room or venue that will complement the style of the wedding to create a better effect – or a simply well-lit spacious area in a beautiful and comfortable setting will do. If there are any additional creations you would like to add on, mention your ideas to the photographer or videographer. Good lighting will also help make sure your make-up, hair and outfits blend well together.

Get Some Creative Shots

Take some separate shots of the entire bridal attire – that includes the dress, veil, shoes and jewelry while you are getting ready. Include some shots of the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets too. It has become a common practice for the bride to gift her bridesmaids with bridal party robes on the day of the wedding. Taking pictures with your bridesmaids while getting the hair and make-up done in matching or complementary robes would make a great memory for your wedding album. 

Try To Avoid Clutter

Getting ready for any major event will be hectic with everyone running around trying to get things done – and sometimes mishaps cannot be avoided. Try to keep thing at least moderately organized and try to avoid spilling anything on your silk bridal robes when getting your hair and makeup done. Before taking any pictures, make sure the area looks neat and ready for photographs without extra clothing or suitcases in the background. Check this link to find out more ideas regarding silk bridal robes.

Pick a Spacious Dressing Area

Depending on the size of your bridal party, you might have to deal with a large number of people and with cramped space. However, if you are planning on getting some good photographs try to minimize the amount of people in the room or keep a certain clear area to take a few pictures just after everyone gets their hair and makeup done. A spacious area will also ensure that the photographer or cameraman don’t get in the way while taking good pictures.