We wear shoes all the time, whether it’s our slippers for home, sandals or high heels for going out, ballerina flats if we want to be comfortable, we’re always wearing shoes, day and night. It’s been around for as long as anyone can remember, but not as early since the beginning of time, because people used to walk around barefoot as they didn’t know what a shoe was. But as time went by, with the centuries passing by, people eventually made themselves a basic pair of shoes, to protect it from anything dangerous, and also because it was necessary. But that was thousands of years ago, as now shoes come in various types, shapes and sizes according to your own preference; because it depends from person to person. Some of you may like wearing flats because they’re comfortable or high heels if you want to look good or tall. And then there are the men, who aren’t so bored to keep changing, because they just wear casual slippers and wear shoes only if they have to. When you think about it, women love to change up all the time, and not only shoes and extensive range of products.

People usually go for a pair of comfortable shoes that are reasonably priced and long lasting, something that’s very hard to come by, and you’re lucky if you do. There are shoes that are very fashionable and look really nice, but it’s a completely different story when you try it on, as it’s really uncomfortable and cuts your foot in every way possible. The worst thing is that it cost more than Rs.2000, which is absolutely absurd. Back then a pair of flats would usually amount to Rs.1500 easily, and it would last for more than 2 years, maximum, which is totally worth the investment.

Now, you don’t find shoes as low as that, because most flats or any other shoe would cost way more than that, sadly. High heels are much worse, because you never find a nice pair of heels that fit you perfectly and less than Rs.3000. It’s extremely painful to wear the stiletto type as well, making you regret it deeply. Somehow you end up applying Collonil shoe cream for your feet because it hurts so bad.Sometimes high heels break and you have to repair it, so consider going for a waterstop company that does exactly that.There are so many shoe repair shops out there, so there isn’t any issue because it’s done within a few hours or a day, it depends.