It is very rare that we actually hear of people who are happy with their body and their appearance, irrespective of gender. So many people have some sort of qualm with their body, and that is to be expected, as after all, none of us are perfect or flawless. There will always be something, one tiny, insignificant thing that could be classified as a flaw. While there is no harm in accepting and acknowledging that we all have our imperfections, we should not become our imperfections. We are not our flaws, and we should not let them define us. Media, pop culture and trends have a huge impact on how we think of ourselves. In the commercial sector, through advertisements and promotional campaigns, the ideal type of appearance and body image is thus portrayed, and very rarely can we say that we possess the features of the advertised model. Problems with body image have actually proven to be quite a big problem, as it leads to severe self confidence problems, and could lead to depression, self harm, anorexia, bulimia or obesity.

With regard to both mental and physical health, many campaigns have been set up to counter this pursuit of an ideal figure or appearance, and thus counters media presentation by promoting self-love, acceptance and learning to love the body that you have.This focus has been mainly on women for a long time, given the sex symbols in Hollywood and pop culture who set beauty standards for women, which in some instances, depending on the person, could be unrealistic or unachievable.

Even when it comes to womens clothing Sydney, women may feel that they are too fat or too large due to the increased production and quantity of small sized clothing, and the lack of slightly bigger made clothes.However, women are not the only women.

With all the healing and reassurance being directed at women, no one really thinks about the men who feel that they all have to earn the ‘alpha-male’ like stature of being heavily built and muscular; as advertised my models in advertisements and posters in dress shops, which show women being more attracted to men who are tall and muscular. Men too, must learn that there is nothing wrong with the body that they were born with, and there is no need to change the way they look simply to fit into a mold.At the end of the day, diversity and difference is what makes our life and planet so beautiful-and so interesting. For this reason, we should learn to accept all, and love all, including ourselves. Visit this link for more info on dress shops Sydney,